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    Breakthrough technology enables natural-listening experience for computer-based conferencing

Nureva HDL300 Audio conferencing technology with a difference

At the heart of the audio conferencing systems is Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills the room with 8,192 virtual microphones. Listening to all microphones simultaneously, it dynamically selects the one closest to the speaker, ensuring the best quality sound for remote listeners.

A Solution for a Cultural Shift

There’s no question that the nature of work is changing. Many meetings have remote participants, who need to be fully contributing as if they were in the room. Meetings are morphing from passive events where information is consumed, to active collaboration sessions where teams create.

People no longer want to be constrained to sitting at a meeting room table, facing a conference phone – they need the freedom to work at immersive wall systems and large displays. Passionate conversations with teammates talking at once need to be shared with remote colleagues with all the richness preserved.

Engineered For Collaboration

Designed for mid to large-sized spaces of up to 9.14m x 9.14m, the systems support a broad range of computer conferencing applications, including those with stereo output. Its full-duplex, acoustic echo cancellation and noise cancellation technology deliver the baseline quality that customers expect.

The HDL300 system has been engineered from scratch to create an outstanding experience for people who need to connect and collaborate with colleagues at a distance. Simply put, the HDL300 system is the most advanced audio conferencing solutions ever created at a price point everyone can afford.

HDL300 System 

Designed for spaces up to 9.14m x 9.14m, the HDL300 system provides true full-room pickup no matter how your space is configured. So whether you're seated at a table, holding a stand-up meeting or working at displays, you're covered. 

Up to 8,192 Virtual Microphones

Up to 8,192 Virtual Microphones

Thousands of virtual microphones fill the room, so every speaker has one in proximity

Advanced DSP

Advanced DSP

A DSP with up to 15,000 MIPS enables simultaneous processing of all 8,192 microphones – there’s no latency due to scanning or refocusing of microphones



Plug and play, no setup or calibration is required meaning your meetings can be up and running in no time

Sound masking

Sound masking

Distracting background noises are minimised through a clever sound masking feature built into the Nureva HDL300  Audio System

Natural-listening experience

Natural-listening experience

Full duplex and AEC keep the audio consistent, clear and natural sound fills the room for a fully immersive experience

Wall-mount installation

Wall-mount installation

The integrated microphone and speaker bar declutters the conference table and virtually eliminates distracting table noise

Nureva HDL300Award Winning Audio Solutions


Audio Conferencing Re-Imagined

The HDL300 is an award-winning audio conferencing system created to bring stunning clarity to any conference call. The systems have the power to simultaneously process every audio source in a room and deliver a more natural sense of communication so remote participants can feel like they’re right there with their team. The systems are optimised for mid to large-sized meeting and collaboration spaces, and are designed to work with Skype for Business, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Cisco Spark, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Pexip Infinity Connect and other common UC&C applications.


Breakthrough Audio 

Defined as a breakthrough technology by Nureva, at the core of the HDL300 system is the company’s Microphone Mist technology, which places up to 8,192 virtual microphones throughout a meeting room to pick up sound from any location. The systems are enabled by real-time hardware and uses sophisticated algorithms to simultaneously process sound from all virtual microphones to provide remote participants with the highest quality listening experience.

The HDL300 custom audio processing units are capable of handling up to 15,000 MIPS. This power is used to create a quality listening experience, with virtual microphones, continuous self-calibration, simultaneous echo cancellation, position-based automatic gain control and sound masking. Listening to all microphones simultaneously, the systems dynamically select the one closest to the speaker, ensuring the best quality sound for people outside of the room.

Fully plug and play, the self-calibration feature means there’s no technical setup or adjustment for the room. The integrated microphone and speaker bars easily mount to the wall, virtually eliminating table clutter and distracting table noises while still picking up and delivering clear sound to all participants.


Active Collaboration Tool

The nature of work is changing and many business meetings have remote participants who need to be fully contributing as if they were in the room. Meetings are morphing from passive events where information is consumed, to active collaboration sessions where teams create. People no longer want to be constrained to sitting at a meeting room table, facing a conference phone. The HDL300 system is designed precisely for this cultural shift.  

The truly disruptive technology takes conferencing beyond simply sharing voices – it reduces listener fatigue as it boosts team collaboration. An idea can be voiced and heard from anywhere – the back of the room, in front of a display or even the other side of the continent. The systems resolve the frustrating and persistent issue of poor audio pickup, especially in dynamic meetings where participants move around the room.

Unlike other systems, there is no clipping as a new person begins to speak. Nureva’s systems are uniquely equipped to capture those dynamic discussions and ensure remote participants never miss a word. The Microphone Mist technology means all participants are clearly heard regardless of where they are in the room or the direction they are facing.   

Simply put, the HDL300 system is the most advanced audio conferencing solution ever created at a price point everyone can afford. 

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