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The shared hub : co-working and collaboration

Trialled and tested by some of the most innovative companies across the globe – the Shared Hub is the latest trend in corporate workspace design. A physical space that facilitates collaborative innovation, Shared Hubs are being created to unite the ideas and expertise of people inside and outside of organisations. The objective is to build better collaborative innovation by focusing on partnerships. Employees work together in a shared space and form a joint resource with external entrepreneurs, start-ups and disruptors. The concept has already proven to be a successful in several industries so could this ‘open’ model of co-working be adopted in any corporate space? 

The solution should:

  • Transform conventional corporate culture with a more open style of working
  • Boost collaborative innovation processes with the introduction of external expertise
  • Differentiate forward-thinking organisations from their ‘closed’ competitors
  • Bring fresh ideas and new perspectives for future projects

Innovation for the next generation

Have we reached the end of the standard office layout? In a quest to encourage better innovation companies are redesigning corporate spaces to inspire employees and improve collaboration. First, we had the new breed of Innovation Labs - dedicated spaces that help larger companies link their scale and resources with ideas and creative innovation. Now, Shared Hubs are helping corporates take collaborative innovation another step further. Introducing co-working ethics and embracing external experts who work alongside internal teams to achieve the same company goals.  

Learning from experts

The Shared Hub model was developed to balance corporate ownership and familiarity with the introduction of strong external influences. Early adopters are already reaping the benefits of sharing expertise. Several global financial service companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Barclays have launched similar concepts to foster innovation inside their organisations. Major players like LEGO has recently advanced its innovation policy, turning to open innovation and recruiting global ‘ambassadors’ who work with the company on collaborative innovation activities. Industry giants such as Siemens and Unilever also embrace open innovation, working with suppliers, start-ups and academics for exchange and mutual benefit. 

The shared hub : co-working and collaboration

Creating a Shared Hub does not demand big budgets or dedicated change management teams. The priority is to have the motivation and vision to improve collaborative innovation. Identifying a suitable space and introducing the right tools and technology will support collaboration and drive a new open style of working. An area that encourages the physical proximity of people with interdisciplinary backgrounds and experience provides a powerful resource for any organisation.

A Shared Hub will allow employees and external experts to ideate, experiment and create the prototypes of the most innovative solutions. Adopting technology such as the Nureva™ Span™ Workspace Solution will accelerate the various processes and improve productivity by enabling the teams to collaborate more effectively. Span Workspace takes familiar paper-based methods of canvases, sticky notes and whiteboards and transports them into the digital realm. Transforming the Shared Hub into a digital, open workspace. Empowering employees and inspiring great ideas.

In a Shared Hub, Span Workspace allows teams to innovate and remain connected at any time.  The cloud-based solution supports any chosen digital device, inside and outside of the hub. If external contributors need to collaborate remotely, projects can be accessed and amended 24/7. Whether it’s adding notes, using templates, sharing screens or more, the team has everything they need to work better together, in the same room or around the world.

Why Nureva

Whatever stage a business is at in their innovation journey, the right technological tools enhance collaboration and support creative processes. The Nureva™ Span™ Workspace solution makes it easier for teams to work together more effectively and efficiently – a critical tool for companies exploring the next level of innovation.

Span Workspace accelerates and intensifies collaboration on a shared canvas where everyone can post notes and images, share screens and develop projects in real time. The solution’s unique combination of cloud-based canvases, contribution from devices and expansive displays creates the ideal environment in any dedicated hub. Shared input, better output - and innovation success for every corporate set-up.

  • Accelerates innovation processes as participants share knowledge, ideas and expertise
  • Digital technology based on familiar tools to enhance working processes and promote modern, open style of working
  • Adaptable tools, such as custom templates, help teams to visualise workflows and ensure everyone is aligned
  • Collaborate and contribute using any device, at any time and from any location

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